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The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
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ORC ID: 0000-0003-2404-3040

We are always looking for individuals who are interested in 1) learning about and exploring metabolism, 2) solving biomedical problems, and 3) asking interesting, impactful, and fun questions. If you are interested in joining the team please email us at

Applicants for postdoctoral fellow should email Christian directly. We accept graduate students from Bioengineering and Biological Sciences departments at UC San Diego but others who are interested are welcome to contact us. Applicants for staff, including technicians, should apply through Salk recruiting.

The Metallo lab is comprised of researchers with experience in engineering, biochemistry, physiology, and other disciplines. All have a shared interest and excitement in studying how metabolism sustains life. We apply state-of-the-art methods to interrogate metabolism in physiologically-relevant disease models of cancer, diabetes, and neurological disorders. The diverse expertise, approaches, and equipment in the lab offers unique opportunities for cross-training across disciplines, allowing for future growth given the broad importance of metabolism in driving disease states. Trainees often manage one or more projects, including collaborative studies that broaden scientific exposure and promote teamwork. Research projects are developed and advance through consistent communication and collaboration between trainees, their peers, and the PI.



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From the North:

  • Use I-5 South
  • Exit Genesee Ave and turn right (heading west)
  • Turn left onto North Torrey Pines Road
  • Drive 1/8 mi, the Institute will be on your right.

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  • Use I-5 North
  • Exit Genesee Ave and turn left (heading west)
  • Turn left onto North Torrey Pines Road
  • Drive 1/8 mi, the Institute will be on your right.